About Johan Schück

I am a journalist broadly focused on economics and with a particular interest in macroeconomics, economic policy and global economy. A part of my international experience comes from having covered the World Economic Forum´s Davos Meetings during more than a decade.

After having been with the morning daily Dagens Nyheter for many years as a senior columnist and an editorial writer, I am now a freelance journalist for various media.

I have been awarded the distinguished Söderberg Journalist Prize and have during numerous years been ranked as one of Sweden´s leading economic journalists. Since 2015 I am a fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, IVA, and its section for economy.

Short CV of Johan Schück:

  • Freelance journalist since 2019
  • Senior columnist, economy and finance, at Dagens Nyheter in 1990-2018
  • Editorial writer at Dagens Nyheter in 1984-1990
  • Editorial writer at Expressen in 1981-1984
  • Editor of the magazine Liberal Debatt in 1980-1981
  • Analyst at the Swedish Agency for Public Management (Statskontoret) in 1975-1981
  • Master of Science in Business and Economics at the Stockholm School of Economics in 1973
  • Fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, IVA, 2015-
  • Deputy member of the board of Dagens Nyheter AB 2015-2017
  • Member of the Press Council in 2007-2011, deputy member 2005-2007
  • Awarded the Söderberg Journalist Prize for economic journalism in 2006
  • Member of the Stockholm County Council in 1976-1982
  • President of the Swedish Young Liberals in 1973-74